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RadioScape Expands in Asia-Pacific Market

RadioScape Expands in Asia-Pacific Market

Manufacturer RadioScape has expanded its presence in Asia, with a new manufacturing HQ in Hong Kong.
Its software-based digital radio receiver modules are used for Eureka-147 and Digital Radio Mondiale radios.
The company also is working with broadcasters and receiver makers on Digital Multimedia Broadcasting trials in several countries in the region, including China and Korea. DMB enables video to be received on a mobile device.
The company says it outgrew its office there in less than a year. The operations center provides sales and engineering support for radio manufacturers based in southern China. The Hong Kong location is also the hub of RadioScape’s module manufacturing and logistics employees.
A RadioScape executive called China the “center of digital radio manufacturing for the world.” The company is headquartered in London, England with offices in Singapore as well as Hong Kong.