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RadioShack Widens HD-R Rollout in New York

RadioShack Widens HD-R Rollout in New York

RadioShack is expanding its rollout of HD Radios in the New York area.
The company says growing customer demand for IBOC receivers mirrors the growth of HD-R content on New York stations. Nearly 20 digital signals are reaching NYC listeners.
RadioShack is offering New York metro customers the Boston Acoustics Recepter HD digital radio in stores and online for a bit under $300, with plans to offer additional models in the months ahead.
Back in May, the first national retailer to support the rollout began stocking the radios; we reported the company planned to expand its rollout this fall. The first phase included all RadioShack stores in Dallas/Fort Worth and less than 20 pilot stores in such markets as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston and Washington.
Approximately 250 RadioShack stores will take part in this expanded rollout. The company has 350 outlets in the area.