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Radioshift Touch Is New iPhone App

'Listen anywhere via iPhone & iPod Touch'

Here’s an application for the iPhone that aims to turn it into a worldwide AM/FM and Internet radio tuner.

RadioTime and Rogue Amoeba made the announcement.

The RadioShift Touch app uses the RadioTime guide to search terrestrial and Internet stations — 60,000 stations, the developers say. Rogue Amoeba sells it for $9.99.

“As HD Radio continues to struggle to gain listeners’ acceptance, RadioTime CEO Bill Moore believes making broadcasters’ programming available via Internet-connected devices is key to both the success of RadioTime and the entire radio industry,” a public relations official told trade media in an e-mail.

“RadioTime provides the radio tuner to several networked devices, helping broadcasters better compete with satellite radio and the ever-growing number of Internet streaming music services such as Pandora.”