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RadioSoft Releases RadioCompass Software

Customers who purchase will receive a credit discount of what they paid for ComStudy 2.2.

RadioSoft released its RadioCompass software for mapping propagation.

Features include selectable interfaces for new and experienced users; automatic program updates at program start; compatibility with most Geographic Information Systems; and Layer Management including Road Map Layer, multiple background layers and transparency control.

New Land Mobile Interface protocols include Mobile-to-Base (two mobile areas received by one base station antenna); Mobile-to-Mobile (two random mobile-to-mobile paths from different areas); and 6.25 kHz super-narrowband adjacent channel analysis (in progress).

Additionally, satellite photography is available for map reference location of coordinates, structures and other features.

Customers who purchase RadioCompass will receive a credit discount of what they paid for the ComStudy 2.2 suite of RF tools deducted from the price.

An annual fee when using RadioCompass includes using the license, tech support, upgrades of the software, unlimited searching blocks, broadcast data and also FCC tower data, currently purchased separately.