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Radiosophy Adds USB Port to MultiStream HD

Radiosophy Adds USB Port to MultiStream HD

Radiosophy is adding a universal serial bus port to its MultiStream HD Radio receiver.
The inbound-only service port would eliminate the need to return the unit to the manufacturer for software updates so users can receive software updates via the Internet using a computer.
Radiosophy President/CEO Richard Skeie said the company is capitalizing on the fact that the Multistream HD is a computer with an operating system and a programmable display.
“We wanted to make sure our customers wouldn’t have an obsolete radio because of a software change,” Skeie said. “This could extend the useful life of a MultiStream HD by years.”
Some broadcasters plan to make use of the USB port to program the receiver’s preset buttons including the oversized preset button in the middle of the unit designed to receive a station’s logo decal.
Units will begin shipping in August. For stations and radio groups, the company has extended its industry discount price of $170 plus shipping to July 15. After that, the price is $259.
Info: or call (877) 443-7234.