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Radiosophy Launches Station Purchase Incentive Program

Radiosophy Launches Station Purchase Incentive Program

Radiosophy is offering monetary incentives in the hope that stations will put together group buys of its MultiStream HD Radios, for giveaways.
The Broadcast Partner Program trades margins for exposure, according to the company.
“This is a great way for stations to promote and grow their digital customer base while recouping some of their investment in HD Radio technology,” stated Randy Skeie, Radiosophy sales manager.
“Broadcast Partners” will receive 37% (roughly $100) on each MultiStream HD sale referral. Of that, 15% comes in the form of a referral commission while the remaining 22% will be placed into a partner-specific Market Development Fund, the company said. Stations also receive discounted pricing on promotional units.
Radiosophy also has what it calls an affiliate level of the program. Broadcast Affiliates place a Radiosophy banner on their Web site and/or refer listeners to the Radiosophy order line and receive 15% ($40.35) for each MultiStream HD receiver referred for sale by the station.
Radiosophy said station partners and affiliates will have access to secure online reports to track commissions, payment history and banner statistics.
Information is available here.