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RadioTime Is Program Shifter

RadioTime Is Program Shifter

Texas-based RadioTime is marketing itself as a cross between “Google for radio” and “TiVo for radio.”
The company, which was founded in 2002 and launched a beta version last summer, now says it has 4,000 clients; it’s now ramping up its push to market. The service lets listeners locate radio programming through a guide to 50,000 shows airing on 36,000 radio stations.
“Once located, users can listen to their favorite programs live, or tag them for recording. They can then listen to their recorded programs on any consumer device – such as an Apple iPod – at a time and place of their choosing,” it states in its marketing.
RadioTime consists of a Web-based personalized guide to programs and stations plus software to listen live or record radio programming into MP3 files using an outboard MP3 device. The company offers three listening plans, including a free basic plan with limited access and a $39/year plan that lets the listener record programs and timeshift.
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