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RadioU Re-Launches for HD-R Use

RadioU Re-Launches for HD-R Use

Another syndicator is ramping up its multicast offerings. The Christian so-called “hard music” format RadioU Network programming is re-launching for national syndication through FM and multicast stations.
The RadioU network’s programming is geared toward 12-24-year-olds, which the network’s vice president, Michael Buckingham, called a “huge, untapped audience of music lovers in their twenties and younger that much of radio seems to have lost the ability to reach.”
RadioU was created on a single FM station in Columbus, Ohio nearly ten years ago to be a format that embraces little-known bands, he said. By syndicating the format, RadioU hopes to give these bands a new audience on either FM analog or digital stations.
“Maybe at the same time, we can help radio to reclaim some of its appeal among younger audiences becoming distracted by shiny objects like their iPods, MySpace, and satellite radio,” said Buckingham.
No cash or barter is needed, claims the company, which is offering the format for free. For more information, go to: