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RadioVoodoo Lets Listeners React

RadioVoodoo Lets Listeners React

Listeners who call a station are most likely to be among P1 listeners, according to Arbitron. Many stations are unable to answer those calls, losing a potentially valuable link to their audiences.
With a phone line and Web access, RadioVoodoo ensures radio stations that each listener’s request, song query or comment is addressed. The interactive phone service also allows stations to track callers, including demographic information and daypart via searchable database, and to see trends in song performance as well as how a station’s playlist popularity varies by daypart.
With RadioVoodoo, when calls aren’t answered within six rings, listeners are greeted in the voice of the station and offered five “press-number” options.
Current radio clients include Radio One Inc.’s KKBT(FM) in Los Angeles and Infinity stations WBCN(FM) in Boston and WHFS(FM) in Washington.
Jones Radio Networks will market RadioVoodoo. For more information contact Eyal Rimmon in Massachusetts at (413) 458-1201 or visit