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Rae Leaving Future of Music Coalition for SiriusXM

Board president Dick Huey will serve as interim CEO

Casey Rae, CEO of the Future of Music Coalition, is exiting that post effective June 6 to become director of music licensing for SiriusXM.

Rae will be taking “a new position in the industry” he said in an email on his departure. FMC said that board president Dick Huey will be interim CEO. In addition, executive committee members Vickie Nauman and Ken Umezaki will work with the board and FMC staff on the transition to new leadership, while Kevin Erickson will expand his role to organizing and policy.

Rae said he is staying in Washington and hopes to continue to serve FMC “in some capacity.”

The Coalition, which advocates for artist compensation for traditional and Internet music airplay, has been in a years-long battle with broadcasters overindividual performance rights fees, which the coalition wants, versus the blanket rights fee that broadcasters back.

The coalition is also a fan of the FCC’s Open Internet regs and an opponent of a bill that would prevent after the fact (and before the fact) FCC rate regulation of residential broadband.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve for a decade at FMC. The organization is shaped and sustained by our community, as have I have been. I thank you,” Rae said in his email.

— B&C