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RCS Aids Audience Input

Automation company announces compatibility with LDR

Automation system developer RSC has announced compatibility of its GSelector music scheduling systems and Nexgen Digital automation system with the Listener Driven Radio (LDR) audience input system.

RCS President and CEO Philippe Generali said: “When we first got together with Daniel Anstandig and his team, we were impressed with the concept of stations being able to automatically react to a live audience. We wanted to make sure that all the RCS products were capable of making the PD’s job easier when dealing with this important service. We look forward to helping all the LDR stations.”

Listener Driven Radio President Daniel Anstandig said: “Now with full integration into both scheduling and automation products, the LDR platform is easy for radio stations to install and use in connection with existing studio systems and products… We are excited about this partnership with RCS, giving stations more options for configuring the LDR platform.”

The Listener Driven Radio system allows listeners to “vote” on programming via mobile phones, Internet, text messages, etc. The results can be used to affect programming decisions.