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RCS Announces GSelector

RCS Announces GSelector

RCS was at NAB with GSelector, which allows multi-channel, multi-dimensional music programming.
The company is describing it as a major “reinvention” of its music scheduling system. RCS said the “goal-driven, demand-based scheduling” system received a U.S. patent in 2005.
President Philippe Generali said, “Users can dynamically see in real time the natural demand of each song, artist or attribute like tempo, theme or sound code. They adjust it right there on the graphic display and can view the resulting changes instantly.”
He also touted the system for its ability to managing multiple channels, including HD, FM, AM and Internet streams.
“GSelector users can handle all their channels from one shared music library.”
Cross-Channel Protection identifies and adjusts music schedules across a group of stations so none of them play any song simultaneously. Features include an automatic audio analyzer that identifies multiple intros, opening and closing musical key, BPM, Tempo and Energy for each song. Research scores can be automatically uploaded into GSelector so the next time it schedules it takes into consideration the new test data.
The product is available by barter to U.S. radio stations and via other agreements internationally.