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RDS2 Info Day Scheduled for Nov. 3

Takes place at Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz in Germany

The Radio Data System Forum has scheduled RDS2 Info Day to introduce and discuss the new RDS2 system and the progress being made to bring new innovations to FM radio. The event is scheduled to take place Nov. 3 from 11 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., at the Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz in Germany.

RDS2 adds three additional subcarriers at 66.5, 71.25, and 76 kHz in addition to the existing 57 kHz carrier. Many of the RDS2’s features address limitations of the original RDS, including text string length and support for basic station logo transmission. RDS2 plans to launch in 2016.

Sessions and discussion topics for the RDS2 Info Day include: “The Future of Radio: FM/RDS and its coexistence with digital radio,” “RDS2 — A New Challenge for the Forum,” “RDS2 — Adaptation Needed for the Future,” a new RDS2 encoder, RDS2 reception demo, RDS evaluation tools, a new way of looking at the RDS architecture, and “Service Following: Connect FM Radio with the Internet.”

Registration is now open. It is EUR 120 to attend, which includes buffet lunch, conference coffee breaks, soft drinks, documentation and the conference organization. Participation for the event is limited to 70 people. Registration deadline is Sept. 21. You can find the registration form here.