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Reach Beyond Reaches Mexico

New Christian station planted along the Texas border

At one time powerful Mexican AM stations blasted their signals across the U.S./Mexico border, now Reach Beyond has turned the tables and is blasting its message across the border into Mexico.

Reach Beyond might sound like a new broadcaster, but it is the formerly HCJB Global, well-known for its shortwave and foreign missionary radio stations.

In Del Rio, Texas, Reach Beyond is working with partner Inspiracom to get 50 kW KVFE(FM) onto the air. Reach Beyond says it now is involved with a station at every border crossing except San Diego/Tijuana, for a total of 14 stations. The ministry says that it wants to “blanket” the U.S./Mexico border.

Programming is in Spanish. Inspiracom, formerly World Radio Network, is an offshoot of then HCJB.