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Readers React to AM Commentary

Dawson and Rackley piece stirs debate on AM’s future

Ben Dawson and Ron Rackley’s suggestions for reinvigorating the AM band in their Radio World commentary “Take a Fresh Look at AM Rules” has attracted attention.

Responses varied, though most were agreeable. It’s clear that there is no consensus among RW readers on one single solution to AM’s issues.

Several readers had additional suggestions for reform such as power increases. Several noted that restrictions, even those not from the FCC, are increasing. One reader wrote: “Thanks Ron and Ben. Great piece. Since I have dealt with an AM physically moving, I know the joys of ‘more towers.’ Since that time, city and county regulations have imposed stricter tower rules (i.e., not in my backyard).”

Some also pointed to AM’s ongoing problem with man-made noise. “Among the recommendations, dealing with overcoming man-made noise is critical; including power increases for AM (including raising the 50 kW cap),” said one. Radio World contributor Cris Alexander added: “And EM interference is a huge problem with all the CFLs coming into almost universal use (plus just about everything has a microprocessor of some sort in it these days).”

Read them all and add your own.