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Reading and Radio Resource Discontinues Recording Service

Texas nonprofit shifts focus to project funding

As of Dec. 9, Dallas-based nonprofit Reading and Radio Resource has discontinued local recorded content geared to visually impaired listeners.

Instead, when the specialized radios tune to their signal, listeners will hear archived audio books. The organization also said the Herbert Marcus Center, in which RRR is currently housed with three digital radio studios and 12 recording booths, will be sold.

KERA News reported that RRR board member Clint Chamberlain said the change is in response to fundraising challenges and changes in technology.

The service, previously known as North Texas Radio for the Blind, celebrated its 45th birthday in November.

On the RRR blog Interim Executive Director Dave Owen wrote: “RRR will shift its focus from content creation and distribution to a project-funding model through grant-making and support of other nonprofits that have similar missions and effective delivery models.”

RRR is a member of the International Association of Audio Information Services, which released a statement saying “this closure has silenced a vital source of information for thousands of blind and print-disabled listeners in North Texas.”