Reading Services Honor Starling

Reading Services Honor Starling
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NPR's Mike Starling has been honored by the radio reading services world. His award was one of several given out at a convention in Toronto last month by the International Association of Audio Information Services.
The C. Stanley Potter Award is given to a candidate who can "think 'out of the box' in creating innovations for furthering audio information access," stated Dave Noble, past president, IAAIS. The group credits Starling with representing its cause to regulatory bodies and ensuring that inclusion of reading services in the future of digital radio.
Starling is a past director of IAAIS.


Reading Service Imperiled In Oregon

“It’s worrisome because it sets a precedent,” said Heather Lusignan, immediate past president of IAAIS. Reading service organizers say the OPB decision ignores the needs of older, visually-impaired, less technology-literate people.