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RealNetworks Launches RealBroadcast

RealNetworks Launches RealBroadcast

The Real Broadcast Network (RBN), from RealNetworks Inc., features the ability to generate in-stream advertising as well as e-commerce revenues through CD sales. The network can also verify advertising and traffic numbers through third-party measurement firms. The system also offers custom-filtered digital content – local and national news, sports and weather to end-users.

With RBN Radio Business Applications, radio broadcasters are able to provide user presentations within RealPlayer that synchronize song title, artist and album art information and allow for one-click access for the listener to purchase the CD which is currently playing. With the partnership with ScreamingMedia, users can access digital content including local and national news, weather and sports reports, from nearly 3,000 publications.

Radio broadcasters can replace on-air audio advertisements with Internet-only audio advertisements that are linked to a visual image or call to action.

RBN customers will be Arbitron- and Measurecast-ready so streams can be measured by these firms. The RealNetworks Ad Sales force is now available to RBN’s radio station clients to represent and sell new ad inventory.

In addition, automation system vendors such as Broadcast Electronics, Computer Concepts, Dalet and Scott Studios have announced support for RBN’s Radio Business Applications.