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Real-Time Traffic Is New Arena for HD Radio

Dual Electronics will offer a PND; Clear Channel launches real-time traffic services over HD Radio channels

HD Radio is getting into the personal navigation device market.

IBiquity Digital Corp. is showing prototypes at CES, saying they will provide “far more” data detail than similar real-time traffic technologies over satellite or RDS-TMC.

The company also said Dual Electronics will be the first electronics manufacturer to launch a PND using HD Radio technology.

“Receiving traffic data over HD Radio broadcasts provides a significant improvement in speed and road condition details as opposed to radio data systems-traffic message channel (RDS-TMC) and satellite,” it stated. At CES, “Five prototypes will be unveiled, including a built-in receiver, cigarette lighter adapter, a cradle product, a Dual in-dash unit and a Visteon advanced OEM platform.”

The company’s Joe D’Angelo said the technology “is now at the size, power, form factor and functionality that can deliver on the promise of digital radio as a base for PNDs and navigation platforms.”

The company noted that two groups are offering or plan to offer HD Radio real-time traffic data: Clear Channel, which is now operating a real-time service nationally; and the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium of several other broadcast groups, which as we’ve reported is working with NAVTEQ to build a nationwide broadcasting network to distribute traffic and other “concierge” data services.

Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic Network said this week it is the first to launch real-time traffic services over HD Radio channels. The service delivers traffic information at speeds allowing more than 500 messages per minute; it is working in 50 markets, Clear Channel said, and Dual Electronics launched the first commercial personal navigation device to offer the service.

The traffic data is created by a combination of Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network and INRIX floating car data, the company said. The data is monitored and updated by Clear Channel’s local traffic data producers.