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RealTraps Soothes the Savage Sound

Traps tame annoying frequencies for freelance announcer

NEW MILFORD, CONN. — I am a free-lance announcer who has worked for major radio networks, including ESPN Radio. I have been a user of RealTraps products since 2005 when I purchased six MiniTraps and MicroTraps to control some low-frequency issues inside my Acoustic Systems RE-142 sound booth. Since I do live voiceover work for a major network news provider and my other clients over an ISDN line, it was crucial that I fix the problem.

I shot out a few emails to acoustic treatment companies outlining my needs. Within minutes I received a response from Ethan Winer, one of the owners of RealTraps, who was ready to help with my issues and offered to come to the studio two days later to diagnose the problem. The traps took about two weeks to arrive and once placed inside the RE-142, made an immediate impact; tests with engineers at my news client and ESPN in New York, Bristol, Conn., and Washington showed that the frequency issues had been removed entirely.

The quality of the product is top-notch. The powder-coated steel frames are made to last, and there are several options for mounting. Not only are the products long-lasting but the customer service has withstood the test of time. Eleven years after my purchase, when I was working on the Republican and Democratic conventions, the guys as RealTraps were still there to help.

In July 2016, we moved our studio and had to leave the RE-142 behind. We built an extremely isolated recording booth but after completion we were faced with severe reflected bass with variations as high as 35 dB. Again, I called Ethan and he was able to come by the next day to help. Unfortunately, our move took place three days before the start of the RNC, for which I had to do live recordings. This crunch time should have been stressful, but Joe and Sean at the RealTraps factory turned my order of four MiniTraps and one MicroTrap plus RealTraps stands around within 24 hours! Our new traps plus the ones from 2005 (which still look new) have created a recording area that sounds better that my original RE-142.

My most recent interaction with RealTraps was around the beginning of August, when I went to the factory to purchase three more sets of RealTrap stands to use with my original MiniTraps, which had leaning stands. I brought along one of my MicroTraps to get some advice on how to remove some ink stains on the material. Joe asked if he could have my MicroTrap for a minute … and when he returned he had completely replaced the MicroTrap with new material. It looked like new.

In today’s world, it’s difficult to find good customer service, let alone a business that is willing to go way out of their way to help a customer. We couldn’t be happier with the guys at RealTraps and their products. They are more expensive than similar products but you really do get what you pay for. I have nothing but positive things to say about RealTraps.

For information, contact Ethan Winer at RealTraps in Connecticut at (866) 732-5872 or