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REC Networks Launches Engineering Services Firm

REC Broadcast Services to be for-profit operation

Low-power FM advocate and services provider REC Networks has created a new engineering services company.

REC Broadcast Services LLC, a for-profit operation, will handle requests from LPFM licensees, permitees and applicants for allocation engineering consulting, application preparation and filing services with the FCC. The new REC LLC will also handle the sales, billing and collections for the services provided.

In the past, the sales, billing and collections aspect of the business was managed by Nexus Broadcast LLC which closed its doors on July 31, as we reported, though some of the Nexus-branded equipment is now being manufactured by Global Spice.

Michelle Bradley founded REC Networks in 1984 and is the president of the new company, based in Riverton, Md.

Joe Serocki is the vice president of REC LLC. He formerly handled the sales at Nexus Broadcast, LLC in support of the RECnexus service offering. Serocki is responsible for sales, marketing, vendor relations, new lines of business and business operations. Serocki is also the president of Local Community Broadcasting, Inc., licensee of WIMH(LP), Ingleside, Ill., and based there.

Despite the closing of Nexus Broadcast, clients who had requested and paid for services through the former RECnexus service will continue to have their services fulfilled by REC. Many of these clients are mutually exclusive applicants who are waiting for the FCC to announce a filing window to make changes and other settlements. In addition, a small number of clients of REC from prior to the RECnexus relationship will continue to have their original services honored.

Bradley clarifies that her company has not acquired the Nexus customer base. Other than RECnexus customers who had pending RECnexus requests when Nexus closed, REC does not have access to former Nexus client’s FCC CDBS and FRN password information. However REC can help those customers obtaining their filing credentials and update their FCC contact information as needed.

REC does not support Nexus branded transmitters or processors and is working on affiliate agreements with equipment providers.

The original nonprofit REC Networks projects remain such as its advocacy work, J1 Radio, The KRKD Project as well as REC’s information technology infrastructure.