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Red Zebra Pushes ‘Game Day Weather’

Sports-oriented broadcaster offers concept to football market stations

It’s aiming at a narrow market and it wants to “go deep” in that market.

Game Day Weather is a new spot offering aimed at stations heavy on sports, ideally in NFL markets.

A production of program syndicator Media Syndication Services and regional sports broadcaster Red Zebra Broadcasting, Game Day Weather is designed to examine whether a team’s game will be affected by weather and if so, how great that affect will be. (Red Zebra was founded by Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins, and carries their games.)

Game Day Weather’s 60-second reports will be updated three times a day, weather permitting, and be available in MP3, directly or via FTP. It is available via barter. Eventually all NFL markets will be covered.

Bruce Gilbert, CEO of Red Zebra Broadcasting, stated in the announcement, “The two greatest conversation starters in our society are the local team and the weather. Game Day Weather brings them together.” He called it a localized feature “packed with facts that will help sports fans effectively predict the performance of their favorite team.”