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Regent Expands in Fast-Growing Ft. Collins

Regent Expands in Fast-Growing Ft. Collins

Regent Communications will buy KKPL(FM) and KARS(FM) in the Fort Collins-Greeley market of Colorado. The seller is AGM-Nevada LLC. Price tag: $7.75 million, including $2.75 million of Regent stock; but Regent may choose to pay all or part of that amount in cash if the stock price falls below a certain point, an anti-dilution measure.
Including the pending acquisition of stations from Brill Media, Regent will have five FMs serving Arbitron market #126, which Regent’s Terry Jacobs called one of the fastest-growing in the country. All told, the group will have 75 stations in 17 cities. Michael J. Bergner of Bergner and Company was the broker.