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Rehr Reiterates NAB Stance on XM/WCS Deal and ‘Localism’

Rehr Reiterates NAB Stance on XM/WCS Deal and 'Localism'

NAB is still trying to block XM Satellite Radio from acquiring 16 blocks of Wireless Communications Services spectrum.
NAB believes XM has provided “scant” information about its plans for the spectrum and worries the satellite radio company may use the WCS spectrum to transmit locally originated programming. The trade group wants the FCC to specifically prohibit such action.
In a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, new NAB President/CEO David Rehr says XM has not shown that the acquisition will serve the public interest. “Even if the commission does eventually receive adequate information and grants the transfer of these WCS licenses, appropriate conditions should be imposed to prevent XM from circumventing earlier WCS and SDARS orders intended to support the public’s interest in a vibrant and vital terrestrial radio service,” he wrote.
The commission, Rehr reminded Chairman Martin, “authorized SDARS in 1997 with the express understanding that it was a ‘national service,’ and promised to ‘take any necessary action to safeguard the important service that terrestrial radio provides.'”
Rehr also urged the FCC to follow through on its promise to “monitor and evaluate the potential and actual impact of satellite DARS, particularly in small radio markets.”

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