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Report Finds Low Numbers for Satellite Radio

Report Finds Low Numbers for Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is not penetrating the 18-34 demo, or so says The Media Audit, a ratings service that surveyed 87 markets.
In a press release headlined “Satellite Radio Attracts a Few Good Men – Very, Very Few,” the media ratings company said that in the 87 markets with 137.5 million adults, satellite radio has attracted an audience that is mostly male and consists of just 681,000, or one-half of 1% of adults.
The study’s other findings are likely to be more heartening to terrestrial broadcasters and less so to satellite:

– “More than 73 percent of all satellite listeners had household incomes of $50,000 or more, but that 73 percent represents only 0.8 of all households with incomes of $50,000 or more.” Approximately 63 percent of satellite listeners are men and 55 percent have at least one college degree.

– “Satellite radio is not another technology that penetrates the 18 – 34 age market. Quite the contrary, The Media Audit surveys found that 76.1 percent of all adult listeners are 35+ and 48.5 percent are 45+.”

– “More than 29 percent of satellite listeners fall into the proprietor/managerial classification and 17.3 percent fit the professional/technical category; 16.6 percent are blue-collar workers and 11 percent are retired,” it said.

– In the New York market, where there are 14 million adults, the company said, satellite radio has only 76,000 listeners.

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