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Report: Moms Embracing Online Radio

The idea of moms not being able to operate the latest technology is becoming old hat, as a recent study from Edison Research on moms and media indicates that many frequently utilize the latest offerings for a variety of services, including radio.

Online radio specifically has seen a big rise. According to Edison, 80 percent of moms (defined as women who have children younger than 18 in the household) have listened to online radio at some point; 71 percent have done so in the last month and 59 percent had in the last week. In total, moms reportedly spend about 13 hours and 54 minutes a week listening to online radio. The survey also shows that Pandora is the most popular online radio service for moms, with 53 percent using the platform; smartphones are also the most popular device to listen on.

While 33 percent of moms said they are using time previously spent listening to local AM/FM radio now for online radio, 65 percent of moms said they still listen to AM/FM radio weekly. Moms say they spend about an hour and 44 minutes listening to radio daily.

Other findings in the report showed that the internet has become the main draw for moms, with a little more than three and a half hours spent online daily. They also are becoming more active on social media, per Edison Research.

To see the full “Moms and Media 2017” report, click here.