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Report: Radio Listeners Switch Station 22 Times Per Commute

Nearly 75% of listeners likely to switch “occasionally”

American listeners like to hear all of what radio has to offer during their commutes, according to a recent survey from Edison Research. According to Edison, the average AM/FM radio listener switches the station 22 times per commute; those using other platforms switch 9.3 times on average.

The “Hacking the Commuter Code” survey found that nearly 75% of all commuters who listen to audio are likely to switch “at least occasionally” during their drives. However, there are different types of groups that switch. Edison identifies 21% of respondents as “the Restless,” those who constantly switch, and 52% as “the Seekers,” those who switch occasionally. The remaining 27% are known as “the Keepers,” who beholden to their name, stick primarily with one choice.

Some of the identified reasons for switching include commercial breaks and looking for better songs.

The survey was conducted among 1,117 adults (18+) who are employed full or part time and commute at least 20 minutes by themselves and listen to AM/FM radio, streaming Internet radio, CDs, digital audio files, satellite radio or podcasts.

To see the full report, contact [email protected].