Reports: Satcasters Agree to Price Controls, Minority Channel Ownership

The satellite companies appear to be negotiating over possible conditions to their merger.
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An analyst this week told clients that XM and Sirius have agreed to lease eight channels to minority owners should their merger be approved.

The satcasters also agreed to price controls, according to analyst George Reed-Dellinger.

The satcasters weren’t commenting. They plan to release their first quarter financial reports on Monday.


Satcaster Investors in Limbo

It’s now been five months since the satellite radio companies said they wanted to merge, and Wall Street analysts say the likelihood of the deal passing regulatory muster is uncertain, leaving investors in limbo.

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Robert McDowell says he hears the hollers: "We have been yelled at about the Iraq war, global warning, the tyranny of America's copyright laws and the need to legalize drugs," so said the FCC Commissioner in discussing the commission's media ownership hearings.