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Research Shows Combination of TV, Radio Ads Increases Receptivity

Reallocating small percentage of budget improves reach

Brands that reallocated a small percentage of advertising spend from television to radio increased brands’ “reach, receptivity and frequency,” according to a study recently conducted by Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

The study included automotive, quick-service restaurant, home improvement and financial services and concluded that when advertisers reallocated up to 15% of their ad spend from TV to radio, brands increased total reach by up to 28%, with negligible impact on TV reach.

Conducted by Radha Subramanyam, executive vice president of Insights, Research and Analytics at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment and the Media Behavior Institute, the study also showed that these advertisers reached a more receptive audience because radio listening often corresponds to periods when consumers may be more responsive to marketing suggestions.

For example, when a quick-service restaurant brand shifted 15% of its TV dollars to radio, audience reach increased 12%, and receptivity rose 84%.

“With lingering economic uncertainty, this research clearly demonstrates a simple and effective way for advertisers to stretch their budgets further with no negative impact on existing efforts,” Subramanyam said.