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Research Shows Radio’s Popularity

71% of respondents say radio is part of daily routine

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s recently released study, “State of Listening in America,” analyzed the various ways people are listening today and their perceptions of the medium.

The study examined data from 1,000 respondents, focus groups, ethnographies and journals from Americans across the country. Latitude Research and OpenMind Strategy conducted the research.

“This research confirms that radio’s reach and appeal remain strong regardless of the platform, geography, ethnicity or age group,” said Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman.

The study indicates 92% of Americans regularly tune in to AM/FM radio, frequently at or near what the study calls a “place of purchase.”

The following are among the study’s findings:

• 92% of respondents listen to radio at least once a week
• 80% say radio is helpful in discovering new artists or songs
• 82% say the first thing they do when they get in a car is turn on the radio
• 66% agree that their favorite radio stations reflect who they are as a person
• 71% say radio is a part of their daily routine