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Response to New Spanish Media Group Is ‘Overwhelming’

Response to New Spanish Media Group Is 'Overwhelming'

A group of Spanish-language broadcast companies is part of a new entity called the Independent Spanish Broadcasters Association. The group includes financial institutions, networks and other service providers to the Spanish media industry.
Its goal is to promote and develop “ownership, business opportunities and access to capital for independent Spanish language broadcasters in the face of massive industry consolidation.” It also hopes to foster job and management opportunities for Hispanics and Latinos in media.
The counsel and acting executive director is Francisco Montero of the law firm of Fletcher Heald & Hildreth, who is also a contributor to Radio World newspaper and is former director of the FCC’s Office of Communications Business Opportunities.
The founding members of ISBA:

Amador Bustos of Bustos Media Corp.
Rosamaria Caballero of Caballero Television and the MasMusica TeVe Network
Michael Castello of Tocayo Broadcasting
Francisco De Jesús of Fleet Venture Partners LLC
Abel de Luna, Sr. and Abel de Luna, Jr. of Moon Broadcasting
Zee Ferrufino of Latino Communications
Aleks Figueroa of Asian Pacific American Television Network, LLC.
Ronald Gordon of ZGS Broadcasting
Tony Hernandez of Latin Entertainment Network
Ben Perez of Abacus Communications
Alfredo Plascencia of Radio Lazer
Luis Raul Sola of Broadcasting Networks of Puerto Rico
Hector Villalobos of Wolfhouse Broadcasting

“Spanish language media has expanded so rapidly in this country there should be a united voice to address those issues of importance to independent Spanish-language broadcasters, as well as those business partners, such as lenders, advertisers and ratings services,” Montero said in a statement. “The response has been overwhelming.”
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