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RF Industries Now Distributes Zeus

RF Industries Now Distributes Zeus

RF Industries’ Neulink Division is now a distributor for Zeus Wireless Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum products.
Lew Jones, Newlink’s director of sales and marketing, said, “Zeus is a rapidly emerging supplier of wireless data networking systems. Their spread-spectrum products have superior transmission range and penetration within office buildings, and enable non-Internet devices to easily connect to the Internet.
“We believe Zeus’s products will support our customers’ growing needs to efficiently link remote locations and transfer data to the corporate network and database.”
“Neulink brings unique skills as a value-added distributor,” said Bob Wolkowicz, Zeus account manager. “It is one of the few U.S. companies focused on bridging the data communications gaps between industrial and commercial wireless networks, Local Area Networks, broadband, wireless networks and the Internet.”
b. m. cox