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RFE/RL Using PocketRecs

RFE/RL Using PocketRecs

PocketRec said this month that Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty will deploy its portable digital audio product.
Starting with Radio Free Afghanistan, the supplier said, RFE/RL will use PocketRec as a lightweight tool for news gathering. The product won Radio World’s “Cool Stuff” Award in 2003. It includes MiniDisc, notebook, mobile phone, camera and other functions in a PocketPC Phone device.
RFE/RL will integrate the PocketRec Server Applications, which includes the PocketRec Rich Media Router; the latter integrates into the RFE/RL digital automation system and provides automated ingest and distribution of uploaded content.
The PocketRec Server is optimized for wireless transfer protocols and media to include GSM/GPRS, CDMA, 3G, WLAN and satellite data connections.
Josef Hallermeier, CEO for product development at PocketRec, stated in the company’s announcement, “Our products prove their real value on an enterprise scale level. No matter where a RFE/RL journalist is on this planet when they decide to record and send an audio clip, video clip or image, it becomes available in all parts of the global RFE/RL content management system instantly.”