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RfSoftware Aims to Track Competition

RfSoftware Aims to Track Competition

rfSoftware is aiming its rfInvestigator product at group owners, consulting engineers, station owners and chief engineers. It is intended for keeping track of competition, upgrading existing stations or planning radio facilities.
rfInvestigator ($4,250 Standard, $5,995 Pro) combines FCC and 2000 Census databases to display station location, class, power, antenna height, owner information and audience distribution. The program generates FCC exhibits required for filing. “What if” tools allow technical projections for multiple stations.
Displays are based on Part 73.207 spacing rules and Part 73.215/509 contour rules. The program comes with 30-second terrain data and 2000 Census information. Optional 3-second terrain data is available. The Professional edition can update its station database directly from the FCC Web site.
Info: [email protected].