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RIAA Chief to Leave

RIAA Chief to Leave

Recording Industry Association of America Chairman/CEO Hilary Rosen intends to leave the organization at the end of this year. Rose was named CEO in 1998 and has been with RIAA for 17 years. She has been the recording industry’s chief advocate and spokesperson during a time of unprecedented change in the music business.
“This has been the most exciting job I can imagine,” Rosen stated. She has young children and wants to devote more time to her family.
Since her ascension to lead the organization five years ago, the RIAA has grown in public awareness outside the music industry. The RIAA has become known for its vigorous prosecution of online piracy, and its role opposing file-swapping services such as Napster to Kazaa.
The board will conduct a search for Rosen’s replacement. In the meantime, Cary Sherman, elevated to association president last year, will remain in his current position as RIAA President and serve on the search committee.