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RIAA Says It Will Work With NAB on Digital Piracy Solution

RIAA Says It Will Work With NAB on Digital Piracy Solution

Preventing digital music piracy over commercial HD Radio services is necessary to preserve the future of music for the health of both of our industries. So says Mitch Bainwol, chief executive officer of the Recording Industry Association of America.
In a reply letter to new NAB President/CEO David Rehr on the subject, Bainwol said he understands the concerns broadcasters have over the RIAA’s proposal for digital signals at the source to be encrypted, and pledged to work with NAB to find another solution to potential digital content piracy.
“The RIAA has always been agnostic as to the technological method of protecting content contained in digital broadcasts,” states Bainwol.
“We look forward to working immediately with members of the NAB’s Audio Broadcast Flag Task Force, along with other interested parties, to achieve a timely resolution.”
Pursuing encryption, said Rehr in his earlier letter to Bainwol, could threaten the HD Radio rollout by making receivers and transmission equipment obsolete.