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RIAA Spells Out Napster Don’ts

RIAA Spells Out Napster Don'ts

Music industry attorneys have gotten really specific about what they’d like music-swapping service Napster not to do. Attorneys for the Recording Industry Association of America have filed a new version of a preliminary injunction against Napster with a federal appeals court. The injunction prohibits Napster from allowing its subscribers to download copyrighted material – for free.
“The record company and publisher plaintiffs will identify to Napster their copyrighted music, and under the proposed order, Napster must prevent infringement of that music on its system,” stated the RIAA.
It’s not clear how a revised injunction would work since the court has noted that Napster’s system does not appear to allow the service access to users’ MP3 files. Napster says its making progress on developing a way to control what can be done with its music files in the future.
The original injunction remains in effect until the courts accept the modified version. The new version has not been released in its entirety because it is not a public document.