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Ride The River With BSI

Ride The River With BSI

Broadcast Software International will host a riverboat cruise next Wednesday evening at the NAB Radio Show. BSI on the Bayou will take place aboard the Riverboat Cajun Queen to launch BSI’s newest automation software, Simian, and two other new BSI products. Guests will need to have an invitation to attend BSI on the Bayou. Call 888-BSIUSA1 or e-mail [email protected] to get an invitation.

BSI’s Simian digital automation can automatically rid itself of errors and contact BSI if something isn’t right. BSI says it can remotely correct or repair an installation before the client is even aware that there’s a problem. Simian incorporates advanced capabilities for interstation communications and streaming spot substitution.

The other releases are TimeShift and Skimmer. With TimeShift, West Coast broadcasters can delay East Coast feeds. TimeShift will interface with Simian. Skimmer can record
up to an entire year of audio.