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Rockers Lead Exciting Lives

Rockers Lead Exciting Lives
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New research from Scarborough reveals that fans of rock music lead active lives. Adult rock listeners are 84 % more likely to participate in extreme sports - such as bungee jumping or sky surfing - than the average Joe. Rockers are also 53 % more likely than average to play a team sport, 47 % more likely to own a motorcycle and 12 % more likely to own a boat or other type of watercraft. Minneapolis and Syracuse, boast the highest concentration of rock fans. Boston and Denver follow closely. Honolulu; Charleston, W.Va.; Raleigh, N.C.; San Antonio and Miami have the lowest penetration of rock listeners. Nationally, a quarter of American adults 18-plus have listened to rock radio in the past week. Rock listeners are 25 % more likely to have a household income of $75,000-plus; they rank above the national average with just over half investing in stocks, mutual funds or both. Two thirds of rock listeners are male, and they are 58 % more likely to fall into the Gen X age group (18-34).