Romanian Broadcaster Ups Business With Studer

Romanian Broadcaster Ups Business With Studer
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From the Who's Buying What feature of Radio World: Studer said it received an order from the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corp. for six OnAir 1000 digital mixing consoles for its Bucharest studio center, adding to 25 Studer digital consoles installed.
"Over the last few years, Romanian Radio has been implementing the introduction of digital technology into all of its studios, and many of its production and transmission studios are already equipped with Studer OnAir 1000 and 2000 M2 digital consoles," Studer stated.


China Clients Go With Studer

Studer recently announced a string of sales of OnAir Series digital consoles to broadcasters across China, including OnAir 1000 and 2000 desks for Sichuan Radio, Foshan Radio, Shunde Radio and Bao’an Radio.