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Rosenworcel FCC Reappointment Approved By Senate Commerce

Up next: Full Senate will now consider commissioner’s renomination

Without much fuss, the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee voted to reappoint Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel to a new term on the FCC.

It was expected that her reappointment would be approved without much ado. At her nomination hearing on Oct. 28 in front of the Senate Commerce Committee, she answered a slew of questions ranging from broadcast incentive auctions to broadband deployment to FCC reform. Rosenworcel, who previously served as a senior communications counsel for that same committee, was sworn in as an FCC commissioner in 2012. President Obama nominated her for a second five-year term earlier this year.

Commissioner Michael O’Rielly was the first colleague to publicly applaud the reappointment. “I am pleased to see the Senate Commerce Committee unanimously approved and reported favorably to the U.S. Senate the nomination of Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel,” he said. “While she is certainly a fierce advocate for her positions, we have been able to find common ground and work together on a number of issues, and I deeply respect her views, even when I occasionally disagree. I look forward to continuing to work with my friend in the future.”

Up next: Rosenworcel’s reappointment is to be considered by the full Senate. Her current term ended in June 2015, but she has authority to remain in her current role as commissioner until Dec. 31, 2016 while awaiting Senate confirmation for a second term.