Round RopeLED Gives Color Accents

Round RopeLED Gives Color Accents
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Facility managers might put this product to creative use in a radio station.
LEDtronics offers Round RopeLED, an accent lighting doodad housed in a flexible PVC tube with a diameter of a half-inch and a length of at least 6-1/2 feet.
Ten LEDs per foot are spaced about an inch apart in the weather-resistant casing. It could be used for emergency pathway lighting, staircase accents, closets and, we're thinking, some pretty creative designs around your studio, lobby or station driveway.
It's powered from a separate cable that plugs into an electrical outlet; 120V is standard, but 12V and 240V are available. Colors are red, blue, green, yellow and white; segments can be cut and spliced. Small clips can be nailed, screwed or glued to the surface. The company says the product does not get hot. Prices range from $9 to $42 per meter depending on color, with quantity discounts available.
For information contact the company in California at (800) 579-4875 or visit