RPU, BAS Comments Due Friday

Proposed changes would modernize rules
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Comments are due Friday on the FCC’s proposal to modernize the Broadcast Auxiliary Station and Remote Pickup rules.

The rulemaking would make changes to Part 74 rules governing BAS and RPU to eliminate what the commission calls “outdated barriers,” to allow stations to use digital transmission technologies and allow broadcasters to use such frequencies more efficiently.

An RPU is a type of BAS; Stations use RPUs to send programming and program-related information from remotes sites back to the station.

The commission responded with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in response to petitions with suggested modernizations filed by the SBE and Engineers for the Integrity of Broadcast Auxiliary Services Spectrum.

Comments on the issue (proceeding No. 15-36) are due by April 3 and replies by April 20.


Localism Comments Due to FCC March 14

Changes proposed in the proceeding including scaling back or repealing the rule allowing unattended operations, tightening of the main studio rule and other modifications designed to make sure broadcasters are fulfilling their public service requirements, according to the agency.