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RTW Overhauls Loudness Line(2)

The RTW Loudness Family range now provides an integrated loudness display as standard.
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The RTW Loudness Family range now provides an integrated loudness display as standard.

The range, comprising SurroundControl, SurroundMonitor and DigitalMonitor solutions, is suitable as a complement or an alternative to conventional peak meters. Users can activate the ITU BS.1771-compliant integrated loudness measurement via presets.

The eight-channel SurroundControl 31900 controls, monitors and analyzes surround sound utilizing the RTW Surround Sound Analyzer, which displays overall sound, including loudness and sound pressure levels, phase correlation and level differences between channels.

The 31900SD version features an HD- and SD-capable SDI de-embedder interface as well as analog and digital audio inputs and outputs. The interface can access all 16 audio channels implemented in SDI streams.

The scalable SurroundMonitor 11900 enables the analysis of digital and analog multichannel and also 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 surround sound. Also available is an SD version.

The SurroundMonitor 10600 is a monitoring system for digital stereo, multichannel and surround audio. The DigitalMonitor 10500 is a display system for digital stereo signals. Both now offer a full-screen mode for enlarged display, showing individual instruments in use.


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RTW Exhibits SurroundMonitor 10600

The unit has a 10-fold correlator with low-frequency analysis for monitoring the phase correlation of the surround channels, a 31-band audio spectrum analyzer for individual channels or channel groups and a two-channel, real-time audio vectorscope.