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Russia Tests DRM+

Trials are running from July to end of the year in St. Petersburg

Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network has started a full DRM+ trial on Radio Mayak in St. Petersburg on the 67.46 frequency. This new test is similar to one that took place in Moscow in December 2014, says Digital Radio Mondiale.

Thus far, according to Victor Goregliad, deputy general director of RTRS, the program has gone according to plan. The tests, which began in July, are being performed in the 66–74 MHz VHF range.

The trial results and report will be forwarded to the State Commission for Radio Frequencies, which will make the decision on whether DRM+ should be rolled out in Russia. Russia has no immediate plans for more tests after this one is complete. Goregliad says that the future of digital broadcasting now depends on the broadcasters.

“Choices and decisions about what to broadcast or not broadcast in digital format is primarily up to the broadcasters themselves,” said Goregliad. “They will decide. It is in their interest.”

St. Petersburg tests are expected to continue into the fall.