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Rycote Releases Two Windshields

Hard or soft? Take your pick

For those who take their shotgun microphones seriously, Rycote is releasing two new windshields.

The Super-Shield (shown) really is a blimp-style protector, featuring a modular twist-lock cone, available in three sizes. The exterior includes a laminated fabric that the company says “minimizes acoustic insertion loss and provides almost perfect transparency with effective calming of wind noise.”

A fur Windjammer is able to fit around the microphone but inside the Super-Shield for maximum wind-resistance.

Internally, the Super-Shield uses Rycote’s Lyre shockmount system.

Less Zeppelin-ish is the Super-Softie. The Super-Softie uses Rycote’s new 3D-Tex fabric and is more of a sock/soft design. According to the company, 3D-Tex has “unparalleled sonic performance, wind-noise suppression and field durability.”

Rycote adds, “The initial noise reduction can be in excess of 30 dB and acoustic artifacts are extremely low.”

It adds that if the fabric become soaked, it can be shaken dry quickly. It can also be rinsed out if it becomes dirty or dusty.

The Super-Softie has no internal structure that could affect a polar pattern, break or rattle. Both are expected to be available in mid-April.

Redding Audio distributes Rycote products in the U.S. Prices: Super-Shield — $359; Super-Softie — $135.