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Sabine Offers Spread-Spectrum Wireless

Sabine Offers Spread-Spectrum Wireless

A Florida manufacturer is promising to “revolutionize” the use of wireless microphones with what it says is the first wireless system using 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum technology.
The Sabine SWM system allows 50 units to operate within a single location.
“Our goal is to solve the problems associated with conventional wireless mics. Spread-spectrum provides enhanced rejection of RF interference, and the 2.4 GHz band is globally accepted and clear of the new DTV
frequencies,” stated Doran Oster, president and CEO of the company.
DSP also allows custom processing on each microphone.
The standard capsule on the SWM-5000 Series is an Audix OM-3, with Audix OM-5 available as an option.