SADiE Adds AES31 Standard to Line

SADiE Adds AES31 Standard to Line
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SADiE products will now incorporate the AES31 file transfer protocol for network and file transfer of digital audio.
AES31 defines the source material alongside edited audio, including cross fades, which are text-based in the manner of a traditional EDL, this process facilitates readable and correctable if circumstances require alterations. The format is sample-accurate and supports multi-channel files in excess of 99 channels, as well as interchange between PAL and NTSC formats.
The format, which has already been ratified as an international standard, is open and non-proprietary and not exclusive to any single manufacturer.


Prism Sound LRX2 Adds DSP to SADiE LRX

Prism Sound says its LRX2 multitrack location recording workstation is suitable for producing location multitrack audio recordings for release on distributed media such as CD or DVD. The unit is based on the SADiE LRX, and adds extra DSP power and control surface enhancements, enabling the user to record up to 48 discrete inputs at 48 kHz/24 bit (or up to 32 tracks at 96 kHz/24 bit) from various dedicated input cards.