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Sage Answers EAS Questions

Issues updated FAQ for this week’s test

Sage Alerting Systems has issued an update regarding the national EAS test, with answers to common questions from owners of its EAS equipment.

In an email to owners of the Sage Digital ENDEC model 3644 or 1822, President Harold Price wrote: “We’ve had many questions regarding Wednesday’s EAN test.The detailed Q&A can be found here. A short summary of the Q&A is:

Q: Are there any problems with Sage ENDECs now that the duration of the test has been changed to 30 seconds?
A: No.

Q: What happens if the ENDEC hears the same EAN alert more than once, even at exactly the same time?
A: The ENDEC detects the duplicate and plays an alert only once.

Q: What happens if my station doesn’t receive an End of Message (EOM)? How do I get our programming back on the air?
A: Use the “Abort” then “yes” and “yes” buttons on the front panel, or the “Abort” button on the web page.On the 3644, you’ll also need to reboot after that, see the full document.

Q: My station didn’t send the EOM due to a problem, what now?
A: Once your ENDEC can get back on the air, send an RWT.

Q: Does it matter what time my ENDEC thinks it is? Will the EAN still be carried?
A: An EAN is checked for start time and duration like any other alert.Your time needs to be correct to within a few minutes. See the full document (link below).

Q: The EAN will be sent for the Washington DC FIPS code. Do I need to change my ENDEC settings?
A: If you have the ENDEC’s default EAN filter settings, which is most of you, or if you have made any modifications to your EAN filter and have checked it per, you don’t need to make any changes.The default settings use a wildcard for location, and will carry the EAN without modification.

Full Sage FAQ (PDF)