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Sage Users, Note This Firmware Update

Sage Alerting Systems has released a mandatory firmware update for its Sage Digital ENDEC model 3644.

This update will enable users to comply with the Federal Communications Commission’s Sixth Report and Order on the Emergency Alerting System, involving the national location code and NPT event processing. You must install the update to continue to receive IPAWS messages.

Compliance with Part 11 rules requires implementation by July 30.

First be aware that you should install this release only if your ENDEC is using 89, 89-1, 89-2, 89-5, 89-6, 89-8, or 89-20. If your ENDEC has a version less than 89, you must first install version 89.

The firmware update includes:

● Support for the national location (000000) code and priority treatment for NPT.
● A default “auto filter” that will handle EAN and NPT events, even if you don’t have a filter installed.
● A verify button on the ENDEC’s tools page that will let you know which filter will match a national NPT, and if your ENDEC will be compliant.
● The new NWS event codes (Extreme Wind Warning, Storm Surge Watch, and Storm Surge Warning).
● New intermediate certificates for IPAWS alert signatures.

Sage explains in a release: “You do not need to change any of your filters to relay the NPT-based national test scheduled for Sept. 28. The auto filter feature of the firmware update will make sure your ENDEC relays the alert. After you install the firmware, use the ‘Verify Req’ button on the ENDEC’s tools page to verify that the ENDEC will relay the NPT alert.”

Note that Sage “will not update the firmware for the model 1822. Support for that non-CAP product ended in 2011.”

The Alabama Broadcasters Association separately told its newsletter readers that its State Emergency Communications Committee has completed a “live test” using the new firmware version 89.30.

Radio World will continue to report on updates and related EAS announcements from the equipment manufacturers as stations work to make sure they are compliant with FCC rules. Send announcements to [email protected].